The Paideia Centre for Public Theology will be located at 713 Garner Road E, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, in a delightful property on the campus Redeemer University College (www.redeemer.ca) of our geographical, academic partner.


The board consists of :

Mr. Robert Walker (chair)
Bob came to Canada twenty years ago from the United States of America to study Social Philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies.  His focus was on the design assumptions in modern architecture, and in particular, neighborhood and suburban development.  He currently owns and operates Longview Services Inc., a property management and development company. 

For the last twelve years he has worked directly with churches and other not-for-profit organizations improving their operations, creating beautifully renovated places and helping them be good neighbors.

With an undergraduate degree in sociology from Gordon College, Bob is keenly aware of how modern culture and the built environment shape individuals and their assumptions about life.  Bob is now developing Longview Services to facilitate and build a little-known neighborhood design called co-housing.  He hopes one day to broaden the modern understanding of “church” and encourage Christians to craft lives consistent with their deepest commitments, building community into the very fabric of their lives. 

In the broadest of terms, Bob’s ultimate passion is trying to figure out what God is cultivating in our increasingly shallow post-modern western culture.  His involvement in Paideia relates directly to educating the church and mentoring a new generation of wise believers and doers.

Bob has two beautiful children and lives in Toronto.

Mr. Ray Pennings (secretary)
Ray Pennings is Senior Fellow and Director of Research at Cardus, working out of our Calgary office, where he lives with his wife Kathy and son, Chris.

Ray is an authority in industrial relations, as well as public policy, political activism and political affairs generally. Ray is a recognized political activist, having held senior positions on campaign teams in municipal, provincial and federal politics. He can often be found making presentations on Parliament Hill, contributing to newspapers and periodicals across Canada and regularly guest appearing on political talk shows.

A graduate of McMaster University, Ray is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Religion from Puritan Theological Seminary. He is one of the world's leading authorities on "applied Calvinism" and the theology of Puritan and Calvinist groups in politics and civil society. He has recently published Church and Caesar: A Legal Primer for Office-Bearers (April 2008) and contributed several chapters in Living for God's Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism (September 2008).

Ray serves as a teaching elder in the Free Reformed Church in Calgary, is Chairman of Redeemer University College's Board of Governors and Director of the founding board of the Paidea Center for Public Theology (2009).

Mr. Stephen Lazarus

Stephen Lazarus is a currently a consultant with the US Department of Labor, specializing in implementing workforce collaborations that draw on the strengths of faith-based organizations. He formerly served as a social policy analyst with the Center for Public Justice in Washington, D.C. for ten years. While in Washington, D.C. he directed the Center's Civitas Programs for Leadership in Faith and Public Affairs and helped launch the Coalition to Preserve Religious Freedom to defend the rights of religious schools, social service groups, hospitals and other institutions. His professional passion is to advance a new understanding of government's relationship to civil society that honors the dynamic work of religious institutions and communities of all faiths in the public square. He is particularly impressed by the Paideia Centre's strategic vision and capacity to prepare the next generation of leaders for service in the academy and in public life.

Mr. Ed Pypker

Ed grew up in the Toronto area. Studying under Dr. Runner and Dr. Spykman as a young college student sparked the desire to integrate his faith with daily life. He has a BA in Economics from York University.

For the past 25 years Ed has worked in labour relations and human resources. His first twenty two years was spent working in a variety of positions with the Christian Labour Association of Canada. More recently, he has been a director of labour relations with a large Canadian food manufacturer.

Ed and his wife, Irene, have four children; one is graduated from Redeemer College and one is married. Ed and Irene have been home-educating their children through high school with Ed actively involved in various community home education activities including choirs and orchestra as well leading wilderness canoe trips for home-educated teens.

When not working or involved with his local church or other activities, Ed can be found recharging his batteries by down-hill skiing, wind surfing, or riding his new mountain bike.

Amy O’Dowd. (Administrative Assistant)


Amy is married to Dr. Ryan O'Dowd and is mother to Patrick, Annie, and Aidan. She graduated cum laude from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and received her Master of Arts in Teaching degree from The Colorado College.

Currently she serves as both an Academic Advisor and Continuing Education Coordinator for Redeemer University College.

A true citizen of the world, Amy has lived in 9 U.S. states, Canada, England, and the Republic of the Philippines.

Timothy Ubbens. (Webmaster)


Timothy Ubbens is a 4th year computer science, math, and business student at Redeemer University College. He is involved at Redeemer in several ways, including performing research for the computer science department, teaching and tutoring students and classes, representing the school as part of the Campus Reps team, and maintaining the student newspaper website. He has spent his summers sailing and working for as a project manager for American Express and as an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. D. Schuurman.

Timothy loves to sail and is on the water at any chance he has. He usually sails his Hunter JY15, but also crews on other boats as opportunities arise.


1. Principal
2. Faculty – full-time academic members of the Centre
3. Adjunct faculty – part-time faculty of the Centre
4. Fellows: scholars associated with the Centre
5. PhD students: full and part-time students doing research under Centre supervision.
6. Post-doctoral fellows: scholars who have very recently completed PhDs and who come for a limited time period to the Centre to do post-doctoral research.
7. Visiting scholars: scholars who visit the Centre for a short or longer period.
8. Research assistants

The Board is in the process of appointing a principal. At present faculty consist of Dr. Albert Wolters (biblical studies); Rev. Dr. Craig Bartholomew (biblical studies and philosophy); Dr. Ryan O’Dowd (adjunct faculty, biblical studies).

PhD Students: Dr. James Rusthoven is registered and is working on a thesis on a covenantal ethic for bioethics. Mr. Sean Purcell has been accepted by the Centre to work on the philosophy of imagination.

Research assistant: Mr. James Sikkema is research assistant for Dr. Bartholomew.

Fellows: Dr. Elaine Botha is a Fellow in philosophy.


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