Spiritual Accompaniment

We are pleased to share news of this opportunity. See below a letter from the Course Director:

The new programme is a training course in Spiritual Accompaniment grounded in the monastic traditions of guidance and discernment. We are calling it Holy Listening, which I think puts the orientation of the course very well. The first session will start on Monday, 6th July and end on Friday, 17th July 2015.  Applications are invited before 17th April.

It expresses our desire to share the fruits of monastic wisdom with the wider Church and beyond. The programme is designed for anyone engaged in, or training for, work in counselling, spiritual direction or other forms of accompaniment. The course gives instruction and practical experience of the monastic contribution to this field of work, and will be of particular value to anyone who is interested in helping others engage with a Benedictine style of spirituality, or who is interested in the help this approach can offer people who are trying to grow in their life of faith, or to deepen their response to a sense of vocation.

Fuller information can be found by clicking this link to our web site.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me by post or by email, as below. 

Yours sincerely

Dom David Foster
Course Director
Holy Listening Programme

Collegio Sant’Anselmo
Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, 5 
00153 ROMA
Rome, Italy

[email protected]

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