The Bible and the University

Volume 8

Edited by David Lyle Jeffrey and Stephen Evans. Published by Paternoster Press and Zondervan. Available in the USA and Canada in November 2007 and the UK and rest of the world in January 2008.

ISBN: 978-1-84227-072-1 

‘An informed provocation to rethinking the ways in which our understanding of the Bible as the Book of the Church equips the Church to better serve the world, including the important part of the world that is the university.’

Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, Editor in Chief of First Things

‘This important book reclaims the Bible from its Babylonian captivity to narrow academic standards and by doing so serves the university by restoring its heart; that is, any knowledge worth pursuing is the knowledge of God.’

Stanley Hauerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Studies, Duke University

‘From first (David Jeffrey's characteristically lucid introduction) to last (Roger Lundin's masterful history of the Bible in American literature), and at all points in between, this superb collection provides first-rate engagement with a complex, but also supremely important subject.  Of course not every reader will agree with every point made by the book's authors in analyzing contemporary intellectual life or spotlighting the best ways of putting the Bible to use in the academy.  But as the final volume in a very important series, this book offers an unusually compelling wealth of information, assessment, encouragement, and admonition both for a better understanding of Scripture and for its deployment in the contemporary world.’

Mark A. Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History University of Notre Dame

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
    David Lyle Jeffrey
  • The Bible, the University, and the God Who Hides
    Dallas Willard
  • The Place of Scripture in Christian Theology
    William J. Abraham
  • No Longer Queen: The Theological Disciplines and Their Sisters
    Al Wolters
  • At the School of Truth: The Ecclesial Character of Theology and Exegesis in the Thought of Benedict XVI
    Scott Hahn
  • The Spiritual Sense(s) Today
    Glenn Olsen
  • Situationism and the New Testament Psychology of the Heart
    Robert C. Roberts
  • The Bible, Positive Law, and the Legal Academy
    Robert F. Cochran, Jr.
  • Biblical Imagery and Educational Imagination: Comenius and the Garden of Delight
    David I. Smith
  • Reading Habits, Scripture and the University
    John Sullivan
  • The Case for Empirical Assessment of Biblical Literacy in America
    Byron Johnson
  • ‘As if God Were Dead’: American Literature and the Question Of Scripture
    Roger Lundin
  • Biblical Literacy, Academic Freedom, and Christian Liberty
    David Lyle Jeffrey
  • Afterword – The Bible and the Academy: Some Concluding Thoughts and Possible Future Directions
    C. Stephen Evans