Canon and Biblical Interpretation

Volume 7

Edited by Craig Bartholomew, Scott Hahn, Robin Parry, Christopher Seitz and Al Wolters.
Published by Paternoster Press and Zondervan.

Available in the USA and Canada in November 2006 and the UK and rest of the world in January 2007.
'Opinions differ as to whether "canonical interpretation" is a step forward or a step backward in the study of biblical hermeneutics, or alternatively whether it is something too multifarious to have a single opinion on.  Whatever one’s view, this is an extraordinarily fruitful and important volume. It lays out the importance of canonical interpretation, as seen by key exponents and it interacts in a scholarly and attentive fashion, not to say critical and trenchant fashion, with people who look at questions about the canon from very different perspectives.'

John Goldingay, David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA

'A "canonical approach," indebted to the work of Brevard Childs, is at the cutting edge of current work on biblical interpretation in relation to Christian life and thought. This collection clarifies the nature of a canonical approach, explores its interpretative potential, and exposes common misunderstandings. It should be a landmark in the debate.'

Walter Moberly, Reader in Old Testament, University of Durham, UK

'Canon has certainly been one of the hot issues in biblical interpretation in the last several years, and this volume adds seriously to the discussion. Although not a book focused on Brevard Childs, Childs himself makes a contribution and stands at the centre of the discussion from all perspectives. Some of the essays are very wide-ranging, while others are focused on particular portions of Scripture – the Torah, prophets, psalms, and writings.  Virtually all of the essays have something significant to offer to the range of issues that are raised by canonical interpretation, especially its theological dimensions and hermeneutical dimensions. This would be an excellent textbook for a course in canonical interpretation.'

Stanely E. Porter, President and Dean, Professor of New Testament, McMaster Divinity College, Canada

'Canon and Biblical Interpretation is both a piece of sound biblical scholarship and true faith witness. It reveals new and promising trends of ecumenical dialogue around interpreting Scripture within the Church and deeply rooted in Life Communities.'

Cardinal Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    Craig Bartholomew 
  • Introduction
    Anthony Thiselton 


  • The Canon in Recent Biblical Studies, Reflections on an Era
    Brevard Childs
  • The Canonical Approach and Theological Interpretation
    Christopher Seitz 
  • The Apostolic Gospels in the Early Church: The Concept of Canon and the Formation of the Four Gospel Canon
    Denis Farkasfalvy
  • The Gospels within the New Testament Canon
    Gene Lemcio
  • Canonicity, Apostolicity and Biblical Authority: Some Kierkegaardian Reflections
    Stephen Evans 
  • Reclaiming Inspiration for the Bible
    Stephen Chapman
  • Canon, Cult and Covenant: The Promise of Liturgical Hermeneutics
    Scott Hahn 
  • Towards Transformational Reading of Scripture
    Frances Young and Jean Vanier 



  • Old Testament Laws and Canonical Intentionality
    Gordon McConville
  • Response to Gordon McConville
    Chris Wright


  • The Prophets, The Canon and a Canonical Approach: No Empty Word
    Stephen Dempster


  • Towards a Canonical Reading of the Psalms
    Gordon Wenham 
  • Reading Wisdom Canonically
    Tremper Longman 
  • Wisdom as Canonical Imagination: Pleasant Words for Tremper Longman 
    Ryan O'Dowd 
  • Prolegomena to Christian Theological Interpretations of Lamentations
    Robin Parry