Mark Glanville


Research Area:

The working title for my dissertation is: 'The gēr in Deuteronomy: An Ethic of Inclusivism?' The motif of the gēr or refugee in Deuteronomy provides a focal point for an exploration of inclusivism in the faith and ethics of Israel.

In discussions of ethnicity and otherness in Deuteronomy, interdependence and inclusivism are not commonly attended to; Deuteronomy has a reputation for exclusivism and violence (eg Warrior 1996). The motif of the gēr in Deuteronomy provides a ' point for an exploration of the ethics of Deuteronomy in this respect.

Spina (Spina 1983: 322) defines the gēr as:

...people who are no longer directly related to their original social setting and who have therefore entered into dependent relationships with various groups or officials in a new social setting. The gēr was of another tribe, city, district, or country who was without customary social protection or privilege and of necessity had to place himself under the jurisdiction of someone else.

The gēr is a significant motif in the Pentateuch. The noun appears 22 times in Deuteronomy and 21 times Leviticus. While aspects of this motif in Deuteronomic law have been investigated in detail, insufficient work has been done on the gēr texts in their literary contexts. A 'thick' exegesis that considers the narrative shape and theology of the whole may uncover 'an enormous richness of theological interpretation' (Childs 1979: 79) in references to the 'ger' and discern an authority invisible to an atomistic approach. In this dissertation I plan to explore the question: How does Deuteronomy as a literary, theological whole illuminate the Deuteronomic laws concerning the gēr?

About Mark:

Mark is married to Erin. Erin and Mark have a daughter, Mahla. Mark is an Aussie (a Sydney-sider) living in Vancouver, Canada. He relaxes by bushwalking (which he must now call 'hiking') and swimming at the beach. Erin and Mark enjoy cooking new recipes together.

Previously Mark worked as a professional jazz pianist in Sydney. His musical heros are pianists Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett. Mark does talks from the piano in evangelistic contexts and other events and conferences. He teaches on justice in the Old Testament from the piano.

Before moving to Vancouver Mark was Senior Pastor of Tregear Presbyterian Community Church, Western Sydney. Tregear Presbyerian Community Church is deeply engaged in its community in life, word and deed. Mark has a passion for the mission of the local church, for Christians living, working and speaking intentionally as witnesses to Christ in their workplaces and neighbourhoods and for justice.

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