Upcoming Events

Book Launch for Dr. Jonathan Chaplin's 'Herman Dooyeweerd: Christian Philosopher of State and Civil Society"

On Monday, March 28 from 6:30-8:30 pm in lecture hall 214 at Redeemer University College, Dr. Jonathan Chaplin, Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, will present his latest book "Herman Dooyeweerd: Christian Philosopher of State and Civil Society".  Dr. David Koyzis, Professor of Political Science at RUC and Dr. Jim Rusthoven, Professor of Oncology at McMaster, will respond to the book, after which time, a open discussion will follow.


TECHNOLOGY AND OUR AGE, lecture by Dr. Willem H. Vanderburg, University of Toronto

Dr. Willem Vanderburg, author of The Labyrinth of Technology and Living in the Labyrinth of Technology, is professor of civil enginerring at the University of Toronto and Head of the Centre for Technology and Social Development (CTSD).  He will be the distinguished guest of the Paideia Centre as he is scheduled to speak on the theme "Technology and Our Age".  Professor Vanderburg did his post-doctoral work with NATO funding under the eminent philosopher, theologian, legal and social theorist, Jacque Ellul (for a quick primer of Ellul's thought see this 6-part video "The Treachery of Technology"; see also Rene Girard's CBC lectures, "The Scapegoat"), and is currently one of the world authorities on Ellul's thought.  The lecture will take place at Redeemer University College, Room 213 from 6:30-8:30, and is free to all who wish to attend.  Please join us for this enriching and stimulating lecture on one of the most vital issues of our present age.


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