About Paideia

Christ is the clue to the whole of Creation
 - Lesslie Newbigin

The Paideia Centre for Public Theology is an academic Christian study centre committed to relating the Gospel to all areas of life. Christ is the “author of life” and thus holds the key to life “under the sun.” But this clue needs to be pursued with all the rigor we can muster and that includes the highest levels of academia. Rooted in spirituality and liturgy, and in the context of intellectual community, the focus of the Centre is academic work from an overtly Christian perspective.

The inaugural lecture of Craig Bartholomew at Redeemer University can be found here


The Paideia Centre for Public Theology is not a degree granting institution. As an Associate Faculty member of Trinity College Bristol, Dr Craig Bartholomew is able to supervise Bristol University PhDs through Trinity College Bristol.