Paideia Gathers

Paideia Gathers was a real success. Thanks to all for participating

Paideia Gathers 2012 took place from March 2-4 at the Read House Hotel in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It was a blessed gathering indeed! Our committee in Chattanooga - Robby, Lane, Tiffany and Will - did a superb job.  Some 130 people registered for the event from across North America, with strong local representation. Our theme was The Cosmic Scope of Christ's Redemption and the keynote speakers were Craig Bartholomew - The Christ of Colossians, Brian Fikkert - Is Jesus the Messiah?,  Michael Goheen - The Church in Colossians, and Joe Novenson preached for us on Sunday with Robby Holt presiding and Aubrey Spears celebrating. [follow the links to access the audio recordings of all four talks; the text version of Bartholomew's talk is available here and the powerpoint presentation of Goheen's talk here]

More reports, photos and details from the breakout groups will follow. Discussions are already ongoing about the venue for 2013.

Many thanks to all who participated in and supported this wonderful gathering.

Craig Bartholomew



Breakout Groups (download the list here):

Business - Lane Ford

Creation displays the vast innovations and ingenuity of our Maker. How can we create innovative products and services that reflect God's devotion to his creation and its renewal?

Community Economic Development - Brian Fikkert

So we know that God cares about the poor. What part do our poor neighbors and neighborhoods play in God's redemptive drama? What role is the Church called to play in this drama?

Film and Story - Denis and Margie Haack

More than mere entertainment, movies are a popular art form that both reflects and shapes our global and pluralized culture. Since film is storytelling and best understood as a significant form of cultural dialogue about the things that matter most, we will explore what faithfulness looks like in this world, so that the people of God can better see, appreciate, and enter the ongoing conversation in and around the world of the cinema.

Grace and Your Body - Amy Brown

Jesus ACTUALLY had a body...moreover, he HAS one even now! How can the glorious future of our bodies transform our ideas, attitudes and actions that currently tempt us to treat these Temples like disposable wrappers (virtually nothing) or photo-shopped brands (virtually everything)?

Law - Carson Royal

No one cares about justice more than our Redeemer, the Judge of all things. How can we serve justice now? How is our good work a reflection of his righteousness? What perversions of justice need our attention?

Medical - Dr. Cy Huffman and Dr. Henry Williams

How does our good work in medicine participate in God's good plan for all things? What is most broken in how medicine is currently practiced? What will Christ-centered transformation look like in our work?

Organizational Leadership - Chad Dirkse

How does our Servant-King's Leadership shape us in our various roles and responsibilities? Things are broken. How do we know when the problems are structural, directional, simply personal or all of the above? Who will be the chief repent-er in the organizations we lead?

Physical Therapy - Dan Earl

How is our good work - restoring injured or weakened stewards - related to God's big plan? How can we stretch our training and gifts to bear witness to God's restoration of all things?

Sciences - Arnold Sikkema

Science is both idolized and vilified by the world, and many in the church are suspicious of its methods and claims. Serving Christ as cosmic creator, sustainer, and redeemer can restore science to its rightful place for God's glory and the benefit of humanity.

The Academy - Bill McClay

What commitments most shape our work in the Academy? Where does a collision of commitments create the most tension in our work as scholars?

Theology of Place: architects, engineers, builders, etc. - Sheldon Grizzle

The Biblical story takes 'place' much more seriously than our modern cultural and religious traditions. How might taking our 'places' seriously help us tune into the diverse ways in which God's grace renews us, our neighbors and our communities?

Theology - Bruce Ashford/Benjamin Quinn

What does it look like to do theology "coram Deo?"  The Reformational tradition opens up this discipline like no other, bringing in to view the whole of God's creation.  Join us as we discuss the current state of theology, needs of the day, and ways we can work together to meet these needs.

Neocalvinism: An introduction - Mike Goheen

Biblical Studies - Heath Thomas

Fashion - Jonathan Darville

Music - Marnie Goheen

Preaching - Aubrey Spears


The Christian Student


Christian Spirituality







Schedule (download the schedule here):

Friday, March 2

6pm - 6.45pm: Registration & Welcome to Paideia Gathers!
6.45pm - 7.40pm: Supper (Terrace Room)
7.45pm - 9pm: Opening & Keynote 1 (download keynote): Craig Bartholomew (Silver Ballroom)
9pm - 10.20pm: Break-Out Group Discussion (Meeting in various spaces- see back for details)
10.30pm: Evening Liturgy (Silver Ballroom)

Saturday, March 3

8am - 9am: Breakfast (Terrace Room)
9am - 10.30am: Morning Liturgy & Storytelling
10.30am - 11am: Coffee Break
11am - 12:15pm: Keynote 2: Brian Fikkert
12:15pm - 1:20pm: Lunch (Terrace Room)
1:30pm - 3pm: Break-Out Group Discussion
3pm - 6pm: Free Time / Dinner on your own
6.15pm - 7.30pm: Keynote 3: Mike Goheen (download powerpoint presentation) (Silver Ballroom)
7.45pm - 8.30pm: Break-Out Group Wrap-Up
8.45pm - 10:15pm: Report back from Break-Out Group Discussions (Silver Ballroom)
10:15pm: Evening Liturgy (Silver Ballroom)

Sunday, March 4

8am - 9am: Breakfast (Terrace Room)
9.15am - 10.15am: Worship Service: Joe Novenson preaching (Silver Ballroom)
10:15am: Coffee Break
10:30am - 11:30am: The Way Forward: Craig Bartholomew (Silver Ballroom)
11:30am: Closing Liturgy