Mr. Ray Pennings



Ray Pennings is Senior Fellow and Director of Research at Cardus, working out of our Calgary office, where he lives with his wife Kathy and son, Chris.

Ray is an authority in industrial relations, as well as public policy, political activism and political affairs generally. Ray is a recognized political activist, having held senior positions on campaign teams in municipal, provincial and federal politics. He can often be found making presentations on Parliament Hill, contributing to newspapers and periodicals across Canada and regularly guest appearing on political talk shows.

A graduate of McMaster University, Ray is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Religion from Puritan Theological Seminary. He is one of the world's leading authorities on "applied Calvinism" and the theology of Puritan and Calvinist groups in politics and civil society. He has recently published Church and Caesar: A Legal Primer for Office-Bearers (April 2008) and contributed several chapters in Living for God's Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism (September 2008).

Ray serves as a teaching elder in the Free Reformed Church in Calgary, is Chairman of Redeemer University College's Board of Governors and Director of the founding board of the Paidea Center for Public Theology (2009).

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