John Milton


Research Area:

The primary area of my graduate training and research has been in the language, history and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. My dissertation topic, the Last Words of David in 2 Samuel 23:1-7, focuses on the theological and textual emplotment within the book of Samuel, with comparison of the biblical text to last words and farewell discourses in Ancient Near Eastern, Greco-Roman and early rabbinic literature. I am also interested in the implications of the history of interpretation and historical criticism for contemporary theology and issues of composition and redaction of the biblical text.

About John:

I live with my wife Diane, and our four children David (age 15), Micah (age 13), Sarah (age 11) and Sivan (age 9) in Montréal, Quebec. My B.A. in Judaic Studies is from Concordia University (Montréal, Quebec). I also have a M.Div. from Trinity International University (Deerfield, Illinois) with a specialization in Old Testament and Semitic languages. Currently I work as a program coordinator and psychosocial counselor at Welcome Hall Mission. I am also an assistant professor at Acadia University (Faculté Théologie Évangélique), an adjunct lecturer at FAREL (Faculté Théologie Reformée) and an Instructor in Bible for Lay Education at the Presbyterian College in Montreal. Diane has a B.A. in Literature and Religious Studies. This year she is balancing full time work at home with the children with M.A. coursework in the Integrated Studies in Education program at McGill University.

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