Prof. Calvin Seerveld


Fellow in Philosophical Aesthetics

Prof. Calvin Seerveld is an internationally known authority in the arts and his books A Christian Critique of Art and Literature, Rainbows for a Fallen World, and Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves, among others, have inspired many in their endeavors to follow Christ faithfully in the world of the arts. Craig Bartholomew has edited a collection of Seerveld's works under the title In the Fields of the Lord. For details of Cal's current publications see Plans are underway for a multi-volume publication of Seerveld's works.

Image of Cal Seerveld is a Peter S. Smith woodcut, 2006

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Carlos Martinez, Mime Actor

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Carlos Martinez Mime Actor

Perhaps the most important mime in Europe these days is the Spaniard Carlos Martínez. He has performed for more than 25 years in over 30 countries. Gesture is practically a worldwide language, and mime speaks without the strain of verbal translation.