Biblical Studies

Scripture is the field in which we find that hidden pearl of great price: Jesus. With the church we confess the clarity of Scripture, a metaphor which also implies that there is much in Scripture that is not clear. Throughout the history of the church biblical scholarship has played an important role in deepening the church’s understanding of Scripture as God’s Word. Paideia is committed to working for the renewal of biblical interpretation in our day so that it supports rather than, as is too often the case, subverts the ministry of the church.

Paideia has a history of serious involvement in biblical studies at an academic and popular level. For some fourteen years Craig Bartholomew has headed up The Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar, which has published eight volumes, as well as Hearing the Old Testament (Eerdmans), edited by Craig and David Beldman. We also have several doctoral students doing research in this area.

There are many other areas that the Paideia community is involved in Biblical Studies. Our director of research, David Beldman, is completing a doctorate on Judges. Craig is co-series editor of The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary Series (Eerdmans) and of Studies in Theological Interpretation (Baker Academic). He is also an editor of the award winning Dictionary of Theological Interpretation of Scripture (Baker Academic). At present The Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar is working on a book project entitled A Manifesto for Theological Interpretation (Baker Academic) with thirteen scholars involved. Craig has written extensively on Old Testament wisdom literature, including a major commentary on Ecclesiastes. At present he is completing a large work on Biblical Hermeneutics.

At a more accessible level Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen’s The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story (Baker Academic) is a bestseller, now translated into multiple languages. With Ryan O’Dowd, Craig has also published Old Testament Wisdom: A Theological Introduction (IVP Academic) and is working with Heath Thomas on a follow-up, namely The Minor Prophets: A Theological Introduction (IVP Academic).

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