Who We Are

The Paideia Centre is a community which is deeply rooted in the local community in southern Ontario, Canada, but which is also linked to individuals and networks across the globe. Explore the links below to meet just some of the individuals in the Paideia community, locally and abroad.

The Academic Structure of the Centre

  • Principal
  • Faculty – full-time academic members of the Centre
  • Adjunct Faculty – part-time faculty of the Centre
  • Fellows: scholars associated with the Centre
  • Doctoral Students: full and part-time students doing research under Centre supervision.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows: scholars who have very recently completed PhDs and who come for a limited time period to the Centre to do post-doctoral research.
  • Visiting Scholars: scholars who visit the Centre for a short or longer period.
  • Research Assistants
  • Board of Directors
  • Staff
  • Friends