Sous Sol: Art Exhibit Opening February 7

Harold Sikkema has a show called "Sous Sol" coming up at Redeemer shortly.

While the French word for basement does refer to something "below the surface", the more pun-oriented among us may see in "Sous Sol" a hint of the English "Under the Sun". And so it seems appropriate to drag Koheleth - along with whatever (or whoever) else may lurk in the cellar - up not one but two flights of stairs, into the mezzanine light of Redeemer's expansive gallery space. Maybe you don't make a habit of pondering verticality. But in that case we should at least fill the air with some well grounded fun. Shall we?!

Opening reception: Feb 7th.

Ongoing: during University hours until the end of March. 

Spin-off event #1: a panel discussion on March 5.

For more information click here or visit the Facebook event page.

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