Doctoral Students

The Paideia Centre supervises a number students who are working on PhD studies through Trinity College at Bristol University.  Read further to find out a bit about them and what they are researching. Also watch for upcoming seminars with our students.

Michael R. Wagenman

Research Area: My area of research is the formulation of a distinctly neocalvinist contribution to ecclesiology (the doctrine of the church) within the discipline of systematic theology. In particular, I am interested in how the theological and philosophical ... Read More ›

Fritz van der Lecq

Research Area: At its heart, my research is concerned with the articulation of a public theology that will be able to guide the church in South Africa to bear faithful witness to the gospel in every sphere of life. While the church in every age and every ... Read More ›

Benjamin Quinn

Research Area: The doctrine of wisdom in St. Augustine's writings is ubiquitous, profound, and quite under-studied.  From his reading of  Hortensius as a teenager until his death, Augustine always kept in view the pursuit of wisdom.  But, was h ... Read More ›

Mark Glanville

Research Area: The working title for my dissertation is: 'The gēr in Deuteronomy: An Ethic of Inclusivism?' The motif of the gēr (stranger, outsider, refugee) in Deuteronomy provides a focal point for an exploration of inclusivism in the faith and e ... Read More ›

John Milton

Research Area: The primary area of my graduate training and research has been in the language, history and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. My dissertation topic, the Last Words of David in 2 Samuel 23:1-7, focuses on the theological and textual emplotmen ... Read More ›

Sean Purcell

Research Area: The focus of my Research is broadly described as an investigation of Paul Ricoeur's understanding of the imagination by way of the philosophical aesthetics of Calvin Seerveld.  More specifically, the research aims to understand Ricoeu ... Read More ›

Sungup Park

Research Area: My primary research focus is on the questions of how the ecclesiologies of Anabaptist and Lesslie Newbigin illuminate our understanding of the missional role of the urban church in and for the world. There are critical reasons for investigating ... Read More ›

Lynn Mitchell

Research area: The working title of my dissertation is, The Centripetal Nature of the Centrifugal Mission: Towards a Theocentric Understanding of Missio Dei.The issue that motivates my research is a sense that mission as currently practiced and theorized rema ... Read More ›