Theology Resources Online

Comprehensive Databases, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries

  • The Internet Sacred Texts Archive (sacred-texts) offers the most comprehensive online archive of religious, folklore, mythology, and esoteric texts in the world.
  • Religion-online database of e-texts by recognized religious scholars.
  • University of Cambridge Interfaith Programme promotes and facilitates understanding across the three Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
  • Northwestern Theological Seminary’s Online Christian Library of Virtual Theological Resources (NTS Library) is a gateway directory to online theological study.
  • Dennis Jower’s gateway theology website offers comprehensive links to online theology resources.
  • Trinity College in the University of Toronto’s website offers links to various online books, articles and websites on a host of theological topics.
  • The John Richard Allison Library of Regent College offers a comprehensive and somewhat exhaustive database of links to virtually every area of religion and theology.
  • Academic Blogs: Religion/Theology offers a host of links to weblogs maintained by theologians and religious scholars.
  • The American Academy of Religion is a scholarly society dedicated to the rigorous investigation of the phenomenon of religion, its sources and significance.
  • The Canadian Corporation for the Studies in Religion (CCSR)offers information and links on all things theology and religious studies in Canada.
  • St. Mary’s University’s Bloom Library offers an extensive list of theology resources especially within the Catholic tradition.
  • Heythrop Gateway of Heythrop College of Philosophy and Theology at the University of London offers information and links on theology and philosophy of religion.
  • Index Theologicus offers a bibliographic database with theological articles in over 600 periodicals.
  • Religious Studies Web Guide is a gateway site hosted by the University of Calgary to links on theology and religious studies online.  It also offers on a site with several hundred theology and religious studies bibliographies.
  • The Virtual Religion Index is a comprehensive gateway site to all things theology and religious studies on the web.
  • The Wabash Center (For Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion) offers a comprehensive selection of links subdivided by personages, problems and perspectives.
  • Ad Hoc Image and Text Database on the History of Christianity offers ample resources for both.
  • Irving Hexham's Concise Dictionary of Religion online.
  • Philtar is a gateway website for resources on philosophy, theology and religious studies.
  • Religous Studies on the Web (RS) offers a good introduction to the subject with ample links to religion, theology and philosophy online.
  • NTS Christian theology library online.

Special Interests and Church Websites

  • Religion and Environment is a website dedicated to the investigation of how religion informs views on the natural world.
  • Art and Christianity Enquiry (ACE) offers educational projects, publications, information and advice regarding the interplay of the arts and Christian worship.
  • The International Hermeneutics Institute provides a forum for the interdisciplinary study of hermeneutics.
  • ChildFaith is a website spawned from the eponymous book written by Donald and Brenda Radcliff and is dedicated to developing the oft neglected theology of children by offering various resources to aid such study.
  • The Doukhobor Collection of Simon Frazer University offers some 700 primary sources on the history and writings of the Russian Christian immigrants known as the Doukhobors.
  • Anglicans Online offers a comprehensive gateway to all things Anglican on the internet.
  • The Christ Church Cathedral Dublin website.
  • Lambeth Palace Library offers the holdings of the principle library and historical record of the Church of England.
  • Website dedicated to the Book of Common Prayer offers the complete text and supplementary study materials.
  • Hypertext of the Book of Hours website offers the full text, an introduction and explanation of this liturgical practice.
  • African-American Religion: Documentary History Project is a website dedicated to the history of African religiosity from the first encounters with Europeans to the present day.
  • The American Society of Church History (ASCH) is dedicated to the scholarly study of the development of the Christian Church and its relationship with society through the ages.

Online Journals and News Databases

  • Axis Mundi is an online journal hosted by the University of Alberta Religious Studies department and features undergraduate and graduate student submissions.
  • Internet Theology Resources: Theology-Related Periodicals offers an extensive list of links to such on the internet.
  • Journal for the Renewal of Religion and Theology (JRRT) is an online peer-reviewed journal dealing with all aspects of religion and theology both Western and Eastern.
  • The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures is a peer-reviewed, online journal fostering scholarly research on the Hebrew Bible, the history of Ancient Israel and related fields.
  • Religioscope offers news, links, articles, and general information on the current state of religion in the world.
  • Worldwide Religious News offers up-to-date information and analysis on the happenings of issues specifically affecting or affected by religion.
  • IslamOnline offers news and information on Islamic related affairs, Fatwa’s and Islamic business and finance.

Theological Traditions and Movements

Liberation Theology

  • Liberation Theology resource center is a gateway site to all things Liberation Theology online.


Protestant Theological Traditions

  • The Methodist Archives and Research Centre (MARC) offers primary source documents of the Methodist movement.

Catholic Theology

  • All Catholic Church Ecumenical Councils- All the Decrees website offers the proceedings of every major ecumenical council within the Catholic tradition.


  • Waterloo University's website Alberti Magni E-Corpus is dedicated to the person and work of Albert the Great.

Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism

  • The Koran online.
  • Al-Islam is a comprehensive database maintained by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Islamic Affairs. It offers information on various Islamic themes as well as a host of links to classical and modern Islamic texts.
  • The Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project’s website also entitled Al-Islam offers an exhaustive gateway to Islamic religion and culture by providing a comprehensive resource of links and e-texts.
  • Alkhazina is a database maintained by Princeton University concentrating on the history of Islam. It includes the entire Qu’ran in Arabic and English, a timeline of Islam, links to contemporary and Medieval texts and a resources page on Islam in light of 9/11.
  • Dr. Youssef Ziedan’s website for Islamic/Arabic heritage and manuscripts provides information and links on the history and heritage of Islam as well as a host of Islamic and Arabic manuscripts.
  • Free Minds is an Islamic apologetics website dedicated to explaining and defending Islam to people of other faiths.
  • Islam 101 offers an introduction to Islamic theology, beliefs and culture.
  • Islamic World is a gateway site for all things Islam on the web.
  • Sacred Heart University’s Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding is dedicated to opening avenues of interreligious dialogue and understanding between Christianity and Judaism.