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The Gospel and Global Climate Change: Bob Goudzwaard

Do the Gospel and global climate change have anything to do with each other? How do we respond when dynamic economic processes are at work which deeply threaten the viability of God's earth? We'll assess the solutions now being implemented, asking whether they offer hope or merely exacerbate the problem. And we'll consider possible economic alternatives, at both policy and personal levels, that flow from a posture of repentance. Read More ›

Daring to Hope: Bob Goudzwaard

Scientific and media reports declare that we live in catastrophic times. Species destruction, climate change, heightened military and terrorist devastation, economic crises and global poverty threaten to shut down the future. Fierce ideologies of identity, unending material progress and guaranteed security interact and seem designed to extinguish hope. What is the meaning of hope today? We'll explore whether genuine hope, deeply rooted in reality itself, can generate realistic alternatives to the present darkness. Read More ›

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